Operating Room Nursing of Microscope Combined with Supporting Laryngoscope Vocal Cord Polypectomy

  • Yongjie Li
Keywords: Microscope-Supported Laryngoscope, Vocal Cord Polypectomy, Operating Room, Operating Room Nursing


The operating room is an important part of the hospital, and the nurses in the operating room are an important
part of the nurses’ work. Operating room nursing is the integration of multidisciplinary knowledge such as
surgical theory, nurse psychology, and nurse ethics. Whether the nurse in the operating room has a good working
condition is related to the safety of the operation and the safety of the patient’s life. In order to influence the care
of the operating room under the microscope combined with supporting laryngoscope vocal cord polypectomy,
this article took patients who received vocal cord polyp treatment from January to December 2019 as the
research object, and divided them into two groups: observation group and control group Micro-supported
laryngoscope resection was performed, and the observation group was provided with comprehensive nursing
physicians for comprehensive care, and the observation group was provided with basic nursing and self-care.
Through the comparison between the observation group and the control group, and the later investigation and
research, the results are comprehensively summarized. The investigation found that the recurrence rate of the
observation group within 6 months was 6%, and the basic comprehensive recovery rate was 78%; while the
control group had a recurrence rate of 24%, the basic comprehensive recovery rate was 46%, and the incidence
of postoperative complications was also 16% higher than the observation group. This shows that operating room
care is particularly important.