Effect of Sprint on the Morphology of Somatic Caudate Putamen Neurons in Cerebral Cortex under Light Microscope

  • Yue Gu
Keywords: Light Microscope, Cerebral Cortex, Caudate Putamen Nucleus, Neuron Morphology


Ordinary microscope has been difficult to meet the needs of the times. The image display of ordinary
microscope will be blurred due to the interference factors of the experimental environment. After careful
improvement of ordinary microscope, a set of optical microscopes can effectively observe the shape of cortical
neurons and give clear images to distinguish cell morphology and quantity changes. In order to observe the
effect of sprint on the morphology of somatic caudate putamen neurons in the cerebral cortex under the light
microscope. In this experiment, 50 sprinters were randomly selected and divided into exercise group (n = 25)
and control group (n = 25). First of all, the exercise group was trained for 6 weeks to create a model of sprint
training plan; second, the control group was also trained for 8 weeks, mainly without sprint connection, so as to
avoid collision between the two groups of data. Finally, the head skin tissues of the two groups of athletes were
taken respectively. The extracted head skin tissues were cultured in vitro by trypsin digestion method and
dispersion culture method and observed by light microscope. The changes of the nucleolus of V layer, the
number of cells and dendritic spines in VI layer were recorded respectively. The number of cell bodies, cells in
layer VI and dendritic spines in the training group was much higher than that in the control group, and the
nucleolus in layer V of the training group was also larger than that in the control group. From this we can see
that sprint training has a very good role in promoting the brain, accelerating the brain's operation ability, to a
large extent, improving our office efficiency and handling ability.