Left Ventricular Internal and External Membrane Myocardial Strain after Martial Arts Exercise by Speckle Tracking Imaging of Ultrasound Biomicroscope

  • Zhigang Hu
Keywords: Martial Arts, Ultrasound Biomicroscopy, Speckle Tracking Imaging, Myocardial Strain


In the contemporary society, there are many cases of sudden death caused by the heavy burden of heart caused
by intense exercise. How to use scientific and technological means to detect the health of the heart before and
after exercise becomes particularly important. In order to explore the strain value of left ventricular inner and
outer membrane after martial arts, this paper uses the speckle tracking imaging technology of ultrasound
biomicroscope to monitor. In this paper, a number of healthy students were randomly divided into group A
(experimental group after martial arts) 20 people, group B (control group martial arts peak period) 20 people,
respectively, before martial arts, peak period, recovery period after sports were tested. In this paper, the
ultrasonic speckle tracking imaging technology showed that the EN-CS and EP-CS values increased about
4MMHG from 20min to 40min after the end of isovolumic contraction, indicating that the EN-CS and EP-CS
decreased first and then increased before and after the exercise measured by STI, that is to say, they showed a
negative correlation with the diastolic function parameter E/a of the heart, and CS diff showed a trend of
decreasing first and then increasing at each stage of exercise test. This study shows that the ultrasonic
biomicroscope spot tracking imaging can detect the myocardial strain value of the left ventricular inner and
outer membrane after martial arts exercise. The result is of high precision, stable data and easy to detect. It can
timely monitor the myocardial strain value of the left ventricular inner and outer membrane during martial arts