Rehabilitation Nursing Method after Microsurgical Removal of Central Neurocytoma

  • Dongjuan Xu
Keywords: Central Nervous system, Cell Tumor, Resection Operation, Rehabilitation Nursing


The purpose of this article is to analyze the clinical manifestations and pathological mechanism of central
neurocytoma, perform tumor resection under the observation of an operating microscope, explore the operation
through different surgical approaches and analyze postoperative pathology and postoperative complications
Various situations, so as to understand the central nervous cell tumor more clearly, improve the level of surgery,
improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, and improve the rehabilitation nursing methods. The method in
this article is to select 80 patients with central neurocytoma confirmed by microsurgery in neurosurgery,
compare the results of conventional nursing methods and personalized rehabilitation nursing methods after
resection, and perform local precision radiotherapy. Analyze the rehabilitation efficacy of patients after central
neurocytoma resection. According to the analysis of clinical manifestations, surgical approaches, pathological
results and prognosis combined with domestic and foreign literatures, the corresponding conclusions are drawn
through data comparison. The research results show that the total effective rate of the test group is 76.6%, which
is higher than the control group's 36.4%. The difference between the groups was statistically significant (p
<0.05). The cure rate in the test group was 51.4%, which was significantly higher than that in the control group,
which was 24.8%. The difference between the groups was statistically significant. Therefore, combined with the
current medical scientific instruments and experimental treatment with the help of a scanning microscope, this
paper concludes that in the clinic, patients with central neuroblastoma are surgically removed under the
microscope, and personalized rehabilitation care and Radiation therapy can improve the cure rate and total
efficiency of patients, help to protect the health of patients, and can be promoted and applied in clinical practice.