Development of Simulation Video of Assisted Labor Suture under Microscope

  • Yan Sun
Keywords: Electron Microscope, Suture Wound, Simulation, Adverse Reaction


Since the advent of the microscope, it has been mainly used in the field of material science, and then it has been
gradually applied to biomedical field with excellent results. As a cell analysis instrument rising in 1980s,
microscope is also one of the most advanced scientific and technological achievements. Up to now, it is still one
of the most reliable tools in biomedical image analysis. Based on the above advantages, the simulation video of
midwifery suture wound is developed with the help of microscope. 50 primiparas in our hospital were selected
as the experimental objects and were divided into observation group (n = 25) and control group (n = 25)
according to the principle of random distribution. The observation group was sutured by traditional midwifery
wound, while the control group was sutured by midwifery wound with the help of simulation video. The results
showed that the two groups were compared from operation time, hospitalization time, wound healing time and
the incidence of wound adverse reactions (wound bleeding, wound infection, imperfect suture and slow recovery,
etc.), and 50 primiparas and experts were investigated by questionnaire respectively. The results showed that the
healing rate of 100% of the wounds in the observation group was significantly higher than that in the control
group, while the control group was only The healing rate was 84.28%, the operation time and hospitalization
time were greatly reduced, and the difference between the groups was statistically significant (P < 0.05); experts
and patients also highly appraised the simulation video system. Combined with the development of the
simulation video system of the midwifery suture under the electron microscope, it is beneficial to the wound
suture, accelerate the wound healing rate, reduce the occurrence of adverse events, and improve the discharge
rate, which is worthy of wide application.