Prediction Equipment and Water Damage Prevention Based on Microscopic Image and Mine Water Inflow

  • Yue Zhao
Keywords: Microscopic Image, Mine Water Influx, Water Hazard Prevention, Anti-Water Barrier Coal Pillar


The purpose of this article is to use the microscope image method to analyze the prediction of the amount of
water inflow from the working face of the coal mine field during the production process, and explore the
measures for the prevention and control of water damage. On the basis of collecting and summarizing similar
research results at home and abroad, the mine water inflow prediction equipment and water hazard prevention
methods were constructed using microscopic image technology. For the outline of the mine, the motion history
image method is introduced to map the motion in the image sequence to a static image, and the complex shape
dynamic change problem is converted into a relatively simple static shape description problem, and then the
image description method is used to obtain the characteristics of this image. Describe the size, direction and
dynamic shape of mine outline movement. On the basis of identifying the water filling factors of the pit and
obtaining reliable calculation parameters, the large well method is used to predict and analyze the water inflow
and the prevention of water damage in the mining area, which is of great significance for the design of the mine
water inrush prediction equipment and the design of water damage prevention. According to the analysis, the
prediction result of the big well method is 166.10m3 / h as the most suitable basis for the prevention and control
of water in the mining area. Based on this, the ground and underground water damage prevention measures are
proposed. For the first 10 sets of data (within the theoretical prediction time), the average prediction error is
3.63 %, The maximum prediction error is 7.42%; for the last 10 sets of data, the average prediction error is
5.14%, the maximum prediction error is 14.11%, and the comparison of microscopic images shows that the
accuracy of the comparison of the traditional mine water inflow is increased by 23 %, Which can effectively
improve the prediction of water inflow and provide a strong guarantee for the prevention of equipment and
water damage.