Experimental Study on Deformation Law of Foundation Pit Soil Based on Microscopical Tracing Technology

  • Jiazhen Huang
Keywords: Construction Engineering, Deformation Law, Construction Site, Foundation Pit Soil


Many contents of the deformation law of foundation pit soil constitute the construction engineering, which has a great influence on the effect, goal and implementation of the construction engineering samples. Based on the background of construction project management, this paper studies the auxiliary role of microscope in observing the deformation of foundation pit soil. Firstly, the imaging principle of SEM is introduced, and the classification and application of different samples in construction site are studied. The experimental results show that the SEM photos of the epoxy asphalt cross section show that the amount of epoxy resin and curing agent in the epoxy asphalt increases from 0% to 50% in turn and more and more particles are solidified by the epoxy resin. When the amount is 40%, the spatial network structure has been basically formed, When the dosage is 50%, the cured particles of epoxy resin are evenly distributed, forming a dense spatial network structure. According to the comparison of the average values of all factors and levels at 25  ℃, the optimal design combination of the  binder layer is 1.8kg/m2 epoxy asphalt material, and a certain content of 2.36M m gravel.