Changes of Skeletal Muscle Microstructures in Swimmers Were Observed by Microscope

  • Zongyou Yang
Keywords: Microscope Research, Exercise Training, Skeletal Muscle Changes, Experimental Study


Skeletal muscle is the main motor organ of human body, which is very important for athletes. With the further
application of high precision microscope in medicine, it provides favorable conditions for the observation of the
fine structure of athletes' skeletal muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to study the changes of skeletal muscle
microstructures in swimming athletes by microscope. The purpose of this article was to explore the sports
training for swimmers microscope changes of skeletal muscle structure, analysis of the skeletal muscle
contraction in need a great deal from mitochondria to produce energy during the process of the mechanism of
the skeletal muscle fibril and each myofibril bright, dark band, muscle, muscle membrane, muscle wire,
mitochondria, nucleus muscle cell nucleus structure with high precision such as microscope has carried on the
detailed analysis and careful observation. The research results show that using high precision microscope under
different sports training for swimmers to look at the changes of skeletal muscle structure is feasible, through the
observation, exercise training can lead to skeletal muscle fibril toughness and intensity change, muscle film
thickness increased by 12% than previously, muscle wire toughness increased by 5%, compared with the general
observation method, and this way improves the observation accuracy of 30%.