Generalized Model of the Cracks in the Expansive Soil and the Slope Stability Based on the Long-Distance Optical Microscope System

  • Shufeng Zhou
Keywords: Expansive Soil, Fracture Generalization Model, Optical Microscope Imaging, Slope Stability, Swelling Time-History Curve


The engineering problem of expansive soil is one of the most complex worldwide problems in the field of
engineering geology today. Multi-fracture is a typical characteristic of expansive soil. The fissure structure
composed of multiple fissures produces complex physical and mechanical effects. The existence of fissures
destroys the integrity of the soil. At the same time, the fissures have a non-uniform distribution and a certain
tendency, so that the strength characteristics of the expansive soil are also strongly anisotropic, which leads to
the expansion of the soil slope the instability mechanism is very complicated. Therefore, it is of great academic
value and practical significance to study the fissure characteristics of expansive soil and its impact on slope
stability. This paper mainly studies the generalized model of cracks and slope stability of expansive soil based
on the remote optical microscope system. The research results in this paper show that the fissures mainly
develop below the surface 3-7 m. Among them, large fissures with an extension length of 0.5-2.0 m develop a
large number in the depth range of 3-7 m, and long fissures with an extension length greater than 2.0 m are at
depth. There are many developments in the range of 8-12m; from the perspective of the inclination of the
fissures, most of them are slow-inclined (≤30°) and medium-inclination (30-60°) fissures, and steep dip (≥60 °)
fissures are rare and follow As the burial depth increases, the slow dip angle cracks gradually increase, and the
medium and steep dip angles gradually decrease. The research results in this paper show that the limit
equilibrium calculation method based on considering the spatial distribution of cracks can accurately reflect the
engineering reality.