Movement Function of Knee Osteoarthritis Patients under the Microscope

  • Jie Sun
Keywords: Knee Osteoarthritis, Motor Function, Tai Chi, Motor Intervention, Microscope Vision


Knee osteoarthritis is more common in the elderly, the main clinical manifestations include knee pain, swelling,
limited activity and so on, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. The incidence rate of KOA increased
with age and increased with the increase of life span and average weight. Tai Chi can improve the balance
ability of human body, the mobility of waist joint, the flexibility of hip joint and the stability and strength of
quadriceps femoris. Because the middle-aged and old people often practice Tai Chi to strengthen their health,
this paper studies the influence on the movement function of knee osteocytic arthritis patients under the
microscope. This paper analyzes the cause of the disease, the preventive measures and the mechanism of Tai
Chi’s influence on the knee joint, and makes a simulation analysis with an example. The results show that about
42% of men and 46% of women will be affected by the disease in their lifetime, which will cause huge
economic and social burden, and even lead to joint dysfunction and disability in serious cases. The eight Style
Tai Chi is the essence of Yang’s Tai Chi movement. It preserves the main characteristics and basic skills of Tai
Chi. Compared with Simplified Tai Chi, the eight Style Tai Chi is simple, easy to learn, easy to remember and
easy to practice, so it is more suitable for patients with knee osteoarthritis.