Coupling Interference Characteristics and Compensation Control of the Electro-Hydraulic Servo Microscope Rotation Simulation Loading System

  • Hui Wang
Keywords: Electro-Hydraulic Servo Microscope, Simulation Loading, Pressure Fluctuation, Coupling Interference, Compensation Control


The electro-hydraulic servo microscope rotation simulation loading system is a new closed highly dynamic
rotary simulation loading technology developed in recent years. Compared with the traditional loading system,
this loading system has a series of advantages such as flexible control, energy recovery and high efficiency. But
this loading system has the problem of hydraulic and mechanical coupling disturbance, which seriously affects
the loading performance of dynamic simulation in the system. In this paper, a mathematical model is
established for the electro-hydraulic servo rotation simulation loading system, and a simulation method is used
to simulate the control performance of the system under the hydraulic and mechanical coupling disturbance.
The simulation results show that with the increase of the fluctuation amplitude of the load pressure,drive speed
and load torque, the control precision of the system becomes significantly worse. The load unit is more affected
by the load pressure fluctuation than the drive unit, and the output shaft torque fluctuation of the load unit has
more influence on the drive unit than the speed fluctuation of the drive unit. In order to eliminate the influence
of system coupling disturbance, the robust compensation method is used, that is, on the basis of PID control, the
robust compensator composed of zeroing link and low-pass filter is added to improve the control system, which
makes the system decoupled, and at the same time makes the system obtain strong robustness, which greatly
improves the control performance of the system.