Improvement of Defects Caused by Pre-Stressed Rear Bolts on the Acoustic Properties of Sandwich Transducers Based on Microscopic Imaging Technology

  • Xinxin Xie
Keywords: Microscopic Imaging, Sandwich Transducer, Rear Bolt, Acoustic Properties


At present, microscopic imaging technology is a commonly used detection method in various industries.
Sandwich transducer is a commonly used device for energy conversion. The installation and size of the rear
bolts often affect the resonance frequency, anti-resonance frequency of the sandwich transducer, and even the
effective electromechanical coupling coefficient. These characteristics belong to the acoustic characteristics of
sandwich transducers. Microscopic imaging technology can determine the optimal size of the rear bolt by
observing the size change of the rear bolt in a tiny world to ensure the best performance of the sandwich
transducer. In addition, the performance of the sandwich transducer can be improved by improving the surface
flatness of the sandwich transducer and the surface smoothness of the rear bolt.