Application of Early Rehabilitation Nursing Intervention in Microscopically Assisted Surgical Treatment of Multisegmental Lumbar Degeneration

  • Huidan Ji
Keywords: Early Rehabilitation Nursing Intervention, Microscopy, Multilevel Lumbar Degeneration, Clinical Efficacy, Pain Symptoms, Nursing Satisfaction, Complications


To explore the clinical value of strengthening early rehabilitation nursing intervention in the surgical treatment
of multilevel lumbar degeneration assisted by microscope. Sixty patients with multilevel lumbar degeneration
who were treated in our hospital from January 2017 to June 2019 were selected. All patients underwent
microscopically assisted multilevel lumbar degeneration surgery. According to the principle of random grouping,
the patients were divided into observation group (early rehabilitation nursing intervention) and control group
(routine nursing) with 30 persons each. The excellent rate of treatment, improvement of pain symptoms, nursing
satisfaction and complications were compared between the two groups. Compared with the control group
(76.67%), the total effective rate of treatment in the observation group (90.00%) was higher (P<0.05); before
intervention, there was no significant difference in pain scores between the two groups (P>0.05). After
intervention, the VAS (4.09±1.37), VRS (24.45 ±1.29) and PPI (2.39±0.22) scores of the observation group were
lower than those of the control group (P<0.05); At the same time, compared with the control group (73.33%),
the nursing satisfaction of the observation group (93.33%) was higher (P<0.05), and the complication rate of the
observation group (6.67%) was lower than that of the control group (26.67%) (P<0.05). Enhancing early
rehabilitation nursing intervention in the treatment of multi-segmental lumbar degeneration surgery assisted by
microscope can improve the treatment effect and nursing satisfaction, improve the pain symptoms of patients,
reduce the occurrence of complications, and promote the rapid recovery of patients' disease, which has
significant clinical value.