Ischemia Reperfusion on Renal Tubule Ultrastructure in Patients with Partial Nephrectomy under Fast Rehabilitation Nursing Mode

  • Xiaoling Deng
Keywords: Ischemia Reperfusion, Rapid Rehabilitation Nursing Mode, Partial Nephrectomy, Renal Tubular Ultrastructure, Microscope Observation


The kidney's blood supply is very rich, so in kidney surgery, especially when kidney transplantation and partial
nephrectomy to maintain epinephrine, in order to facilitate complete kidney resection or partial kidney resection,
it is often necessary to cut off the blood flow of the kidney. Therefore, kidney temperature ischemia reperfusion
disorder has become a hot spot in the fields of urology and organ transplantation. This article mainly studies the
effect of ischem ia reperfusion on the ultrastructure of renal tubules in patients with partial nephrectomy under
the rapid rehabilitation nursing mode through a microscope. The renal cell specimens of the selected patients
were collected, before the renal artery was block ed, 10 minutes after the renal artery was blocked, 20 minutes
after the renal artery was blocked, before the renal artery was opened, and 5 minutes after the renal artery was
opened. Observe the ultrastructural changes and evaluate the degree of damage usi ng electron microscope. The
experiment found that the blocking time of most patients was between 20 and 40 minutes, and the blocking time
of a few patients exceeded 50 minutes. The results show that within a certain period of time,
ischemia reperfusion has very little effect on renal tubular ultrastructure and will not aggravate the damage of
renal function. At the same time, the patient's tolerance and sensitivity to injury will increase.