Changes of Ultrastructure and eNOS of Myocardial Capillary Endothelial Cells in Rats with Hypertension and Diabetes

  • Shushu Zhu
Keywords: Hypertension with Diabetes Mellitus, Myocardial Capillary, Endothelial Cell Ultrastructure, eNOS Changes, Animal Experiment


The risk factors of cardiovascular disease include changeable and unchangeable risk factors. Diabetes mellitus is
an equal risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension and other common risk factors of cardiovascular disease
can be changed. The risk of cardiovascular disease caused by diabetes combined with hypertension is 2 times
higher than that of diabetes mellitus or hypertension, Active prevention and treatment of these risk factors is the
fundamental to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In the vascular wall, no
diffused from epithelial cells to vascular smooth muscle cells. In addition, it can activate guanylate cyclase, and
cause relaxation of vascular smooth muscle cells and vasorelaxation. Because of the harmfulness of
hypertension combined with diabetes mellitus and the changes of myocardial capillary endothelial cells and
eNOS can reveal the human suffering from hypertension complicated with diabetes mellitus, the ultrastructural
changes of myocardial capillary endothelial cells in hypertensive rats with diabetes mellitus were studied, and
the changes of eNOS were analyzed. The results showed that shdm had high blood pressure and diabetes
mellitus. These changes may lead to thickening of basement membrane and paravascular fibrosis. However,
thickening of basement membrane, edema and fibrosis around capillaries can lead to the increase of oxygen
diffusion distance and the barrier of connection between endothelial cells and myocardial cells.