Microscope Image Restoration and Reconstruction Based on Filtered Back-projection Algorithm

  • Chuanglu Zhu
Keywords: Microscope Image, Filtered Back-projection Algorithm, Restoration and Reconstruction


Microscope image refers to the image observed in microscope. With the development of computer image
processing technology and pattern recognition, to analyze and process microscope image has been gradually
applied in scientific research and the most important application is to restore and reconstruct micro-organism. In
image acquisition and display, the geometrical shape of the image will be distorted due to the non-linearity of
the imaging system, the change of angle of image acquisition, and the curvature of objects shot. Image
restoration and reconstruction technology is to further improve the pixels of the original image, and restore the
information of the original image. Image reconstruction algorithms usually require complete projection dataset;
however, in many practical applications, there will be loss and noises in image projection data because of the
impact of some objective factors. In this paper, a filtered back-projection algorithm is proposed to be used in the
study of microscope image restoration and reconstruction and as show in the experiment result, this algorithm
can have better comprehensive performance in reconstruction quality; in other words, even in different angles, it
can still lead to ideal reconstruction results.