Reducing Volume Sprint Training on the Ultrastructure of Sciatic Nerve under Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Changchun Lu
Keywords: Transmission Electron Microscope, Reduced Sprint Training, Ultrastructure of Sciatic Nerve, Sports Training


As the largest nerve structure in the body, the sciatic nerve is closely related to the perception of movement.
Excessive exercise results in varying degrees of injury to the sciatic nerve. Therefore, it is important to explore
the specific role of reduction training in the ultrastructure of the sciatic nerve for the establishment of a correct
exercise plan. The purpose of this paper is to establish a scientific reduction sprint training program by
investigating the effect of reduction sprint training on the ultrastructure of sciatic nerve. With the technical
support of transmission electron microscope, the author first introduced the concept and characteristics of
reduction sprint training, and then briefly explained the specific effects of exercise on neurons. Then, through
the establishment of rat animal models, the concrete effects of sprint training on the ultrastructure of sciatic
nerve were analyzed. The experimental results showed that: compared with other types of training methods, the
reduced-volume sprint training was beneficial to the recovery of sciatic nerve ultrastructure injury, and its
recovery speed increased by about 16%, the recovery effect increased by about 17%, and the recurrence rate
decreased by about 13%.