Clinical Effect of PD1 Antibody Combined with Paclitaxel Chemotherapy on Breast Cancer in Mice

  • Xuelian Wu
Keywords: PD1 Antibody, Paclitaxel, Mice, Breast Cancer


We aimed to verify the clinical therapeutic effect of PD1 antibody (PD-1 mAb) combined with paclitaxel
chemotherapy on mouse breast cancer (TNBC). After constructing a TNBC mouse model and treating with PD1
antibody, paclitaxel (PTX) chemotherapy or combination therapy, the efficacy difference of each treatment
group was compared and analyzed. The combination of PTX chemotherapy and PD-1 mAb can produce
effective anti-tumor effects. Further experiments show that PTX chemotherapy changes the immune cell
population in tumor tissue. These data indicate that PTX improves the efficacy of PD-1 mAb in TNBC by
transforming the tumor immune microenvironment. PD1 antibody combined with paclitaxel chemotherapy is
effective in the clinical treatment of breast cancer.