Effects of Magnetic Induction Hyperthermia Combined with Radiotherapy on Subcutaneous Transplantation of 4T1 Breast Cancer Cell Lines in the Mice

  • Qingqing Yu
Keywords: Magnetic Induction Hyperthermia, Radiotherapy, 4T1 Breast Cancer Cell, Mice


To investigate the therapeutic effect of magnetic induction hyperthermia combined with radiotherapy on
subcutaneous transplantation of 4T1 breast cancer cell lines in mice and its potential mechanism. The model of
4T1 metastatic breast cancer (MBC) of mice was built and was randomized into four treatment groups: C
(control group), R (radiotherapy), MIH & MIH + R. Tumor volume, lung metastasis, Bax and MMP-9
expression, T cell subpopulation, serum cytokine levels, and mouse survival rate were assessed. Compared to
R and MIH groups, observablythe tumor volume and lung metastasis were observably reduced, and the survival
rate and Bax expression were improved in MIH + R group (P <0.05). The primary tumor tissues in R group
showed observably increased expression of MMP-9 (P <0.05) compared to other groups. The expression of
MMP-9 can be reduced by combined MIH therapy. The percentage of CD4 + T cells and the proportion of CD4
+ / CD8 + cells in MIH + R group were observably higher than those in R group (P <0.05). MIH + R group has
observably higher serum TNF-α, IFN-γ and IL-2 levels observably than those in R group (P <0.05). c It is the
first time to explore the effects of combined hyperthermia and radiotherapy on tumor metastasis and its potential
mechanisms. It offers the views that MIH is applied as adjuvant for radiotherapy in MBC.