Micronutrient Supplementation Combined with HAART on Nutritional Status and Immune Function of AIDS Patients

  • Yulong Song
Keywords: Micronutrient Supplementation, HAART Treatment, AIDS Patients, Nutritional Status, Immune Function


AIDS is a highly harmful malignant infectious disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus infection. The
majority of HIV-infected people in the world are caused by HIV-1 infection. The HIV-1 virus mainly invades the
most important CD4+ T cells in the human immune system, destroying the cells in large quantities, and
ultimately depriving the body of its immune function. At present, there is no vaccine to prevent, and there is no
effective drug or method to cure this disease. With the increase of age, the generation of various free radicals in
the middle and old people increases, the activity of antioxidant enzymes gradually decreases, and the risk of
insufficient intake of various vitamins increases. Due to the importance of micronutrients for human
physiological function and the effectiveness of HAART for AIDS treatment, this article attempts to explore the
effect of micronutrient supplementation combined with HAART treatment on the nutritional status and immune
function of AIDS patients. In this paper, through an experimental simulation of HIV-1 infected patients in a
hospital infection department or a specialty clinic, the experimental results show that the virus suppression rate
of the micronutrient supplement group and the HAART treatment group is about 35%, and the micronutrient
supplement combined with HAART the cure rate of the treatment group was close to 100%. After using mineral
interventions, the nutritional status of HIV-infected and AIDS patients has been improved to varying degrees.