Analysis Method on the Influence of Surface Morphology and Dispersion Degree of Particles on Energy Consumption of Building with Electron Microscope

  • Haining Tian
Keywords: Electron Microscope, Energy Consumption, BAT-Support Vector Regression, Thermal Insulation Coating, Surface Morphology, Dispersion Degree


Aiming at the low accuracy of the building energy consumption prediction model for crop storage and human
settlements, an improved support vector regression(SVR )method with bat optimization algorithm was proposed
to establish the model energy consumption prediction for residential buildings, the bat optimization algorithm is
used to optimize the parameters of SVR to improve its fitting accuracy. The influence of factors on residential
buildings energy consumption were analyzed based on the prediction mode. The results show that the SVR method
with bat optimization algorithm can provide more accurate building energy consumption prediction model,and
storey height, outer wall heat transfer coefficient and roof heat transfer coefficient are positively correlated with
building total energy consumption, building orientation, southward room window-wall ratio and attached
sunspace depth increase, building total energy consumption first decreases and then increases, the cross changing
of building orientation, storey height, southward room window-wall ratio, attached sunspace depth, outer wall
heat transfer coefficient and roof heat transfer coefficient does not cause a sharp change in building total energy
consumption. The lowest energy consumption parameter can be determined based on the model. Building thermal
insulation exterior wall coating also widely used to furtherly reduce building total energy consumption. The
proposed method provides a new method and idea to establish mathematical models between energy consumption
of building and exterior wall coatings with different surface morphology, particle dispersion degree observed by
electron microscope, and the influence of different surface morphology and particle dispersion degree of building
thermal insulation exterior wall coatings on total building energy consumption can be discussed.