Clinical Analysis of Oncology Microbiology Detection Based on Sports Nutrition Balance

  • Jianxing Chen
Keywords: Physical Exercise, Sports Nutrition, Oncology Microbiology, Antioxidant


Sports nutrition balance is the foundation of health care, and sports is the foundation of medical rehabilitation.
High-intensity physical exercises can increase the risk of diseases such as emphysema, inflammation, aging, and
DNA damage, which can further cause cancer. It is generally believed that physical exercise and proper
nutrition can not only prevent some types of tumors but also improve anti-tumor immunity and reduce
inflammatory mediators. The preventive effect of sports can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory effect
mediated by conventional sports, i.e., reducing visceral fat and increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines in the
circulation. Sports nutrition balance and its dialectical relationship is the key to building a body “as
indestructible as a diamond”. This study aims to verify the importance of targeted oncology microbiology
exercise nutritional balance for performing physical exercises of sufficient intensity related to antioxidant
supplementation, thereby preventing excessive body wear and oxidative stress.