Clinical Study of Exercise-induced Fatigue Combining Personalized Nutrition and Microscopic Analysis

  • Jianxing Chen
Keywords: Personalized Sport Nutrition, Exercise-induced Fatigue, Dietary Antioxidants, Microscopic Analysis.


With the further development of sports science, sports competition has become more and more fierce, and
physical fatigue often occurs in sports practice. In this paper, personalized sport nutrition is combined to
conduct a microscopic clinical analysis of exercise-induced fatigue in high-level athletes and propose measures
to restore and maintain the health of athletes, which has effectively improved their athletic ability. The scientific
and reasonable diet arrangements and good nutrition structure is conducive to their training and competition and
maintaining excellent physical and mental state. In addition, through the implementation of scientific diet
management, strengthening of research on special nutritional problems, examination of the nutritional status in
athletes regularly to study their nutritional status and develop the relationship between rehabilitation and fitness
comprehensively, the expected results can be achieved.