Hog Feature Points Detection and Feature Extraction of Microbes under Microscope

  • Zhanshen Feng
Keywords: Microscope, HOG Feature Points Detection, Feature Extraction, Gradient Calculation


Due to the complicated procedures, lack of standardized procedures, error-pronemanual operation andvisual
interpretation of traditional microscopic microbiological detection methods, it is difficult to trace the results of
microscopic detection, and thus the detection efficiency is low, so the development of microbial detection has
encountered a bottleneck.In this era of information technology, it is an urgent problem to be solved on how to
combine image processing technology with microbial detection to manage microbial samples more
efficiently.The Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) feature is a feature descriptor used for object detection in
computer vision and image processing, which constructs the feature by calculating and counting the histogram
of gradient direction of local area.In this paper, a method of microbial feature extraction based on Hog feature
extraction is proposed, which adopts the color space normalization, gradient calculation, histogram of oriented
gradient, normalization and feature extraction of overlapping blockshistogram.The experiment verifies that
such method in this paper can be better used to identify and extract the effective feature points of the microbe
image under the microscope, which provides a good foundation for the subsequent further processing of relevant