IoT Remote Molecular Acquisition of Wheat Stripe Rust Urediourediospores Image Based on Microscope CCD Digital Photography

  • Zhen Zhou
Keywords: Wheat Stripe Rust (Puccinia striiformis), Over-summering Urediospores, Remote Acquisition, Cloud Server, Microscope CCD Digital Photography Technology


In this paper, an Internet of Things (IoT) remote acquisition and processing system for urediospores images
based on microscope CCD digital photography technology is designed to implement the IoT remote acquisition
and monitoring of urediospores in wheat stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) properly. Firstly, based on the network
cloud technology, the cloud server interface of the acquisition system is designed in the Linux environment to
implement automatic photography by microcomputer. The HTTP protocol encapsulated based on the TCP
protocol is used to connect the cloud server and implement the image upload function. Secondly, the Intel
NUC5CPYH is used as the acquisition termination, and a hardware platform of the image acquisition system is
established. Finally, the K-means clustering algorithm is used to perform segmentation of the background and
urediospores in the urediospores images remotely collected at the receiving terminal, morphological processing
of urediospores images, corner detection based on Harris, and other processing to implement counting of
urediospores ultimately. The transmission success rate of the wireless acquisition system is 96.6%, and the
average counting accuracy of the processing system is 97.1%, with a good effect. The acquisition and
processing system can be used for real-time online monitoring of the over-summering urediospores in wheat
stripe rust.