Value of Intraoperative MR Corticospinal Tract Reconstruction Combined with Microscopical Navigation in the Treatment of Functional Epilepsy

  • Yi Cao
Keywords: Intraoperative, Magnetic Resonance, Corticospinal Tract Reconstruction, Microscopical, Functional Epilepsy


To explore the effect of intraoperative MR corticospinal tract reconstruction combined with microscopical navigation in the treatment of functional epilepsy, and to develop the intervention methods and analyze the value.60 epileptic patients admitted to our hospital from June 2015 to June 2019 were selected as the research objects. According to the random number table method, the patients were divided into the control group and the observation group with 30 cases each, and the control group was operated by conventional methods. In the observation group, the pyramidal tract was reconstructed by intracranial electrode combined with fiber tracing technique, and the focus and epileptic focus were removed under the guidance of microscope and MRI. The changes of limb muscle strength were recorded 6 months after operation, and the postoperative curative effect and neurological function recovery were evaluated according to the score of epilepsy. The occurrence of various complications, operation time, bleeding volume and patient satisfaction were recorded. Compared with the control group, the limb muscle strength and the postoperative score of epilepsy in the observation group were significantly improved 6 months after operation, the clinical treatment efficiency was significantly improved, the postoperative neurological function recovery was significantly improved, the incidence of complications was significantly reduced, the operation time and the amount of bleeding were significantly reduced, the patient satisfaction was high, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05).Intraoperative magnetic resonance corticospinal tract reconstruction combined with microscopical navigation in the treatment of functional area epilepsy can effectively improve limb muscle strength and postoperative score of epilepsy, improve the surgical treatment effect, improve the surgical treatment effect, reduce the occurrence of postoperative adverse reactions, reduce the operation time and bleeding volume, improve the postoperative neurological function recovery, enhance the prognosis and rehabilitation effect, and improve the patient’s fullness meaning.