Imaging Analysis of Semi-Active Laser Six Degree of Freedom Thin Plate Optical Mirror

  • Zhang Liang
Keywords: Laser Tracking, Six Degrees of Freedom, Mirror Imaging


At present, optical mirrors are widely used in photocopier scanners, infrared barcode printers, traditional
projectors and projection cameras. In the process of mirror imaging, we need to know the position of the mirror
at all times to meet the imaging needs. Therefore, we need to improve on the mirror bracket. The semi-active laser
guidance system is a system that can always control the target position. The laser semi-active positioning
technology is mainly realized by the laser semi-active positioning system. In this paper, the reflector can be
installed in the laser-guided projectile body, and the position information of the reflector can be controlled at all
times. In order to improve the imaging quality, the mirror needs to rotate multiple times to collect information at
different positions to improve the imaging quality. Therefore, this article uses a six-degree-of-freedom connection
structure to control the movement of the mirror. This article cleverly applies the laser guidance system and the
six-degree-of-freedom connection structure to the mirror imaging system to improve the accuracy and intelligence
of the imaging system.