The Cleaning Effect of Steam Cleaning Machine on Bipolar Electrocoagulation Instrument of Microscope in Regional Medical Institutions

  • Yang Feng
Keywords: Microscope, Bipolar Electrocoagulation Instrument, Steam Cleaner, Cleaning Effect


Nowadays, the application of microscope bipolar electrocoagulation equipment in regional medical institutions
is more and more extensive. However, the structure of bipolar electrocoagulation instrument is fine and complex,
so it is difficult to clean it after operation. Therefore, in this paper, the steam cleaning machine is used to
improve the cleaning method of microscope bipolar electrocoagulation equipment in regional medical
institutions, and to explore its cleaning effect on microscope bipolar electrocoagulation equipment. 300 bipolar
electrocoagulation instruments recovered by the disinfection and supply center after operation were divided into
experimental group, control group 1 and control group 2 compared the cleaning effect, 100 bipolar
electrocoagulation instruments in each group, in which control group 1 was cleaned by traditional manual
cleaning method, control group 2 was cleaned by ultrasonic combined with 2% glutaraldehyde cleaning method,
and experimental group was cleaned by 2% glutaraldehyde and steam washing machine. Compared with the
control group using traditional cleaning methods, the experimental group using steam cleaning machine
cleaning quality is better, has better disinfection effect, and the bipolar electrocoagulation device cleaning time
is shorter, improve cleaning efficiency. Through statistical data analysis, the cleaning effect of the three groups
of bipolar electrocoagulation device has significant difference ( p  0.05 ).The steam cleaning machine has a
good cleaning effect on the bipolar electrocoagulation equipment in the regional medical institutions, which can
promote the cleaning efficiency of bipolar electrocoagulation equipment and prevent cross infection during the