Clinical Analysis of Microscopical Sinus Surgery on Children Patients with Chronic Sinusitis

  • Guangli Chen
Keywords: Microscopical Sinus Surgery, Chronic Sinusitis in Children, Clinical Efficacy, Complications, Recurrence Rate, Quality of life


To explore the clinical value of microscopical sinus surgery in children patients with chronic sinusitis. 140
children patients with chronic sinusitis admitted to our hospital from September 2018 to October 2019 were
selected and randomly divided into observation group (treated with microscopical sinus surgery) and control
group (treated with traditional surgery), with 70 patients in each group. The clinical efficacy, adverse reaction
occurrence, disease recurrence rate and quality of life of both groups were compared. Compared with the control
group, the total effective rate of treatment (97.14%) was higher, the occurrence rate of adverse reactions
(12.86%) was lower, and the recurrence rate of disease (4.29%) was lower in the observation group (P<0.05%).
At the same time, the score of indicator of quality of life in the observation group was high (P<0.05). For
children patients with chronic sinusitis, microscopical sinus surgery can improve the therapeutic effect, reduce
the occurrence of adverse reactions, reduce the recurrence rate of the disease, and also significantly promote the
quality of life