Rehabilitation Nursing for Patients with Lower Lumbar Diseases Treated by Microscopic Transforaminal Interbody Fusion

  • Huijuan Sui
Keywords: Interbody Fusion through Intervertebral Foramen, Microscopical Application, Lower Lumbar Spine Diseases, Rehabilitation Nursing


As a common spine disease, lower lumbar spondylosis has been seriously troubling people's lives, and treatment
is very difficult. And it is easy to relapse after treatment. At present, the lower lumbar spine disease has been
considered by scholars at home and abroad to be closely related to sciatica and lumbar and leg pain, and can
cause secondary lumbar spinal stenosis. The purpose of this article is to study the effect of rehabilitation nursing
on the lower lumbar spine disease after treatment under the microscope through intervertebral foramen
interbody fusion surgery. The literature summarizes the literature and investigations on the pathogenesis of
lower lumbar spine disease and the specific methods of surgery Introduced, and then analyzed the effects of
different rehabilitation nursing contents on the treatment of lower lumbar spine diseases through comparative
experiments. The results of the study show that preoperative care has a positive effect on the treatment of lower
lumbar spondylopathy through intervertebral foramen interbody fusion under the microscope. For the group
undergoing postoperative long-term care, the total score of the lumbar JOA score was 24.3, which was much
higher than the group without postoperative long-term care. In the group undergoing post-operative long-term
care, 5% of patients had treatment ineffective Situation, 60% of the patients were markedly effective, and 25%
of the patients were cured; compared with the group without long-term care, 20% more patients were cured, and
the number of ineffective treatments was reduced by 5%. However, the patients studied in this article are older,
and most of the elderly have other diseases that can also affect the physical condition to varying degrees. The
differences in human physical qualities are also relatively large, and the speed of recovery varies among
different people.