Surgical Nursing of Meningioma in Neurology Department under Microscope

  • Hui Li
Keywords: Internal Medicine-Neurology, Meningioma Operation, Nursing Research, Microscopical Application


Meningiomas are benign intracranial tumors, accounting for 15% - 24% of intracranial tumors. Generally,
meningiomas with the largest diameter > 4.5cm are called large meningiomas. Microsurgery is the first choice
for the treatment of meningiomas. In recent years, with the development of surgical technology, meningiomas
resection is more common. The key to the success of meningiomas surgery is not only exquisite surgical skills,
but also close and skilled nursing cooperation. The purpose of this paper is to solve the nursing problem of
meningioma operation in neurology department under microscope. By contrast experiment, 50 patients with
meningioma treated by microsurgery were given preoperative nursing, psychological nursing, postoperative
nursing and observation and nursing of postoperative complications. The results showed that the total resection
rates of cerebellopontine angle meningioma, sphenoid ridge meningioma, olfactory groove meningioma,
tuberculum sellae and diaphragmatic meningioma were 87.0%, 82.1%, 81.8% and 69.2% respectively, and there
was no death in hospital. Therefore, the correct nursing measures before and after operation can effectively
improve the cure rate of meningioma surgery in neurology department under microscope, and actively prevent,
correctly diagnose and timely deal with postoperative complications can effectively reduce the mortality and
disability rate of patients.