Reduced Sprint Training on Ultrastructure of Sciatic Nerve under Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Shijia Song
Keywords: Sciatic Nerve, transmission Electron Microscope, Reduced Sprint Training, Heavy-duty Sprint Exercise


At present, most of the research on the recovery of sciatic nerve injury focuses on drugs or physical therapy. The
effect of exercise on the recovery of sciatic nerve after injury is rare. In this paper, for the first time, an
experimental model of sciatic nerve injured by heavy-duty sprint training was established under transmission
electron microscope to prove that sciatic nerve can be damaged by long-duration and heavy-duty sprinting. The
training exercise method, observe and discuss the impact of two forms of exercise on the injured sciatic nerve,
the purpose is to provide theoretical and experimental basis for the correct use of weight loss training in sports
practice and the establishment of a reasonable and scientific training method, and also for different forms The
effect of training on the sciatic nerve provides a theoretical reference and has important medical significance. In
this paper, an incremental weight-bearing sprint exercise method is used to establish a large-load sprint training
model in rats. First, after training the rats for 7 weeks, 8 rats in the heavy load group (H) were sacrificed and
compared with the control group (C1) rats in the same period to observe the effect of weight-bearing sprint
training on the sciatic nerve of the rats; Rats in the heavy load group were divided into the suspension training
group and the reduced-weight training group. Animal models of suspension training and reduced-weight training
were established after heavy-load exercise. In this paper, biochemical and enzyme histochemical methods were
used to detect changes in serum creatine kinase (CK) activity and changes in serum malondialdehyde (MDA);
transmission electron microscopy and light microscopy were used to observe changes in the morphological
structure of the reduced sciatic nerve; the experimental results showed that large After the stress exercise caused
damage to the sciatic nerve of the rats, the reduced-weight training for 6 weeks was beneficial to the recovery of
the sciatic nerve tissue structure of the rats.