Energy Source and Energy Dissipation Mechanism of Coal and Gas Outburst Based on Microscope

  • Qi Li
Keywords: Microscopic Observation, Coal and Gas, Protruding Energy Source, Energy Dissipation Mechanism


For a long time, gas explosion has been threatening the safety of coal mine production. From a sudden safety
accident, we have to reflect on our lack of research on energy source and energy dissipation mechanism of coal
and gas outburst. From colleges and universities to enterprises and even relevant management departments, coal
and gas energy source related issues are the key to tackle. However, people pay more attention to the macro
analysis of gas outburst coal. Many researchers divide outburst coal into several fracture failure types according
to the degree of damage of coal body, and also emphasize that they are the product of later GEOLOGICAL
TECTONISM. In addition to the macro characteristics, gas outburst coal is a certain micro structure sign
theoretically. This paper aims to explore the microstructure of gas outburst coal under the condition of thousands
or even tens of thousands of times of microscope. In the process of gas geological survey in Hunan, Jiangxi and
Henan provinces, the research group has carried out some research on the coal body structure of outburst coal
seams in the past two years. In this paper, the Japanese “Hitachi S-450” scanning electron microscope is used as
the observation tool. On this basis, the percentage of pores in some scanning electron microscope photos is
counted. The percentage of pores in coal is measured with the help of the software based automatic television
image analysis system of (British) magiscan. And set up the structure evaluation standard, do a good job of data
management in the whole process of sample collection, and form permanent data. This paper studies the
microstructure of gas outburst coal in A and B coal mines, reveals the microstructure characteristics of outburst
coal, and further understands the gas outburst mechanism of coal.