Evaluation of the Effects of Chemical Components in Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparation Based on Multicomponent Chromatography

  • Lu Lv
Keywords: Multicomponent Chromatography, Medicine Processing, Chemical Component, Microtechnic Methods.


With the continuous improvement in the isolation of complex samples and the detection capacity of unknown
materials, multicomponent chromatography (MC) has been extensively used in animal medical (AM) studies. In
this paper, the principles of multicomponent chromatography in traditional Chinese medicine processing, as well
as the advantages and disadvantages in the quantitative and quantitative analysis of traditional Chinese medicine
processing are discussed. The research literature published on the application of multicomponent
chromatography in animal medicine in the past five years is retrieved. To better guide the analysis of traditional
Chinese medicine processing, we focus on the application categories of multicomponent chromatography, the
use frequency of different types of multicomponent chromatography, and the qualitative/quantitative analysis
capacity of various multicomponent chromatography in the traditional Chinese medicine processing research in
this study.