Clinical Diagnosis of Suppurative Infantile Meningitis by Ultramicroscope

  • Zhen Zhang
Keywords: Ultramicroscope, Suppurative, Infantile Meningitis, Clinical Diagnosis


To study the clinical diagnosis of suppurative infantile meningitis by ultramicroscope. The subjects of this study
were 72 cases of clinically suspected intracranial infection admitted in hospital from February 2018 to February
2020. The cerebrospinal fluid of children was obtained by lumbar puncture and detected without staining using
ultramicroscope to determine its clinical diagnosis value. Of the 72 suspected cases of intracranial infection, 26
were diagnosed with suppurative meningitis, 36 with aseptic meningitis (3 with a history of mumps within two
weeks before onset), 4 with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, 4 with acute cerebellar ataxia and 2 with
severe pneumonia with toxic encephalopathy. Among the 26 children with suppurative meningitis, the detection
rate of ultramicroscope test method was 96.15%, while that of smear test method by common low power
microscope was 38.46%. The difference between the two groups was statistically significant P<0.05. Observed
under ultramicroscope, the bacteria were parasitic in the cytoplasm of neutrophils or monocytes, in pairs and
scattered round luminescent particles, with strong activity. In addition, cerebrospinal fluid cell classification
differences were also very significant in different clinical stages. Ultramicroscope has high clinical value in the
clinical diagnosis of suppurative infantile meningitis in children, which can effectively improve the detection
rate of bacteria in cerebrospinal fluid of suppurative meningitis. It is a means that is worthy of popularization
and application.