Structure and Performance Analysis of New Carbon Nanomaterials Based on Microscopic Imaging Technology

  • Li Peibo
Keywords: Microscopic Imaging Technology, Carbon Nanomaterials, Carbon Nanotubes


Carbon nanomaterials are widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering, energy and other disciplines due to
their unique structure and properties. The huge potential application of carbon nanomaterials makes it very
popular among researchers. The performance of the new carbon nanomaterials is much higher than that of the
previous nanomaterials. Therefore, the research on nanomaterials is the top priority. Microscopic imaging
technology is an important technical means for studying carbon nanomaterials. Microscopic imaging technology
has better detection functions in the field of microscopic detection. Microscopic imaging technology can explore
the molecular arrangement and structural functions of new carbon nanomaterials in the microscopic field. This
study summarizes and analyzes the application of microscopic imaging technology in the field of carbon
nanomaterials research. On this basis, the structure and properties of a new type of carbon nanomaterials-carbon
nanotubes were analyzed.