Response of Rhizosphere microecology to Plants, Soil and Microbes

  • Shengnan Wang
Keywords: Ecological System, Plants, Soil, Microbial Community, Microscope Technique, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria.


Rhizosphere microecology is a microecosystem with plant as the core, and plants-soil- microbes and the
environmental conditions interaction as the main content. This review studied the plant rhizosphere microecology,
and revealed the interaction between plants, soil, and rhizosphere microbes, and introduced the analysis technique
of rhizosphere microbes. Fluorescence in situ hybridization used by fluorescence microscopy, polony sequencing
based on emulsion PCR and automatic microscopy, and single molecule sequencing based on total internal
reflection microscopy. The microbial community structure and activity in rhizosphere soil are significantly
different from that in bulk soil. Plant root exudates have pronounced selective and promoting effects on specific
microbial populations. Rhizosphere microbes may exert specific plant growth promoting or biocontrol effects,
which could be of great advantage for the plant host. It is necessary to regulate rhizosphere microecology by using
plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. Overall, this study provides guidance for coordinating the interaction
among the components of rhizosphere microecology and maximizing the function of rhizosphere microecology.