Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of Deboning Skin Flap Combined with VSD on Diabetic Foot under Light Microscope

  • Tielin Chen
Keywords: Deboning Skin Flap, Negative Pressure Sealing Drainage, Diabetic Foot, Light Microscope


Diabetic foot is one of the chronic complications of diabetic patients and one of the main causes of disability
and death of diabetic patients. Purpose of this article: To observe the therapeutic effect of deboning skin flap
combined with VSD on diabetic foot under light microscope. Methods: 50 patients with Wagner 1-3 diabetic
foot treated in the endocrinology department of a hospital in Beijing from June to December 2019 were treated
with debridement until the new granulation tissue grew well, and then the deboned flap was used under an
optical microscope Combined with VSD for treatment, observe the wound healing time and healing effect.
Results: The wounds of 50 patients were completely healed, and the healing time was (20.61 ± 3.51) days.
Among them, 31 patients healed at the 4th week after operation, 10 patients healed at the 5th week, 9 patients
healed at the 5th week, and some wounds after healing, hypertrophic scars remained; after 1 month of follow-up,
all patients did not relapse. Conclusion: Observing the deboned skin flap combined with VSD under the light
microscope for the treatment of diabetic foot can accelerate the wound healing of diabetic foot, shorten the
recovery time and hospitalization time of the patient, and reduce the recurrence rate and amputation rate after