Interactive Control and Rehabilitation Evaluation Method of Rehabilitation Robot Based on Surface Electromyography

  • Changsong Li
Keywords: Surface Electromyogram Signal, Rehabilitation Robot, Acquisition of Signal, Rehabilitation Evaluation


In recent years, due to the increasing number of patients with limb movement disorder, the development of
rehabilitation robots has become a research hot spot. One of the control systems combining biomechanics and
rehabilitation robots has many advantages, so it is necessary to study the interactive control and rehabilitation
evaluation methods of rehabilitation robots based on surface EMG signals. The purpose of this article is to solve
how to combining with multichannel SEMG rehabilitation robots, in turn, improve the robot performance
problems, through the study how to obtain the body in real time on the surface of the muscle, multichannel
SEMG and extraction, the feature information of the joints, muscle activity, and by using high precision
microscope to prove the validity of the information, so as to adjust rehabilitation robot according to get the
correct information of medical gas supply pressure effect, and on the basis of this article established the degree
of evaluation system for the patient rehabilitation make a scientific evaluation. The research results show that
the use of multichannel SEMG rehabilitation robot adaptive control system can be completed independent
efficient pressure on the multichannel SEMG acquisition and real-time display, signal analysis and signal, can
be adjusted according to the collected signal independent pressure increases medical effect, adopt the
rehabilitation robot of patients recovery rate increased by 15%. In addition, the proposed rehabilitation
evaluation system can determine the score and evaluation model according to the level of patients' movement
disorders, and can independently give the effect and status of patients' rehabilitation training.