Microscopic Examination to Clarify the Micro-Neural Changes and Mechanisms of the Intestinal Mucosal Immune Barrier Structure and Function during Excessive Martial Arts Training

  • Xuefeng Fan
Keywords: Principles of Microscopy, Martial Arts Training, Intestinal Mucosal Immune Barrier, Microscopic nerves


Overtraining, as a common sports disease, seriously affects the physical and mental health and performance of
athletes. It can cause a series of physiological and pathological changes in the body. The purpose of this article
is to study the microscopic neurological changes and mechanisms of the intestinal mucosal immune barrier
structure and function during excessive martial arts training. Established general training and excessive martial
arts training models, applying morphological methods combined with immunohistochemistry and image
analysis methods, to the ultrastructure of human intestinal mucosa, the content of malondialdehyde in lipid
peroxidation reaction and Production and content for localization and quantitative research. Experimental data
show that the ultrastructure of the mucosa has changed significantly after overtraining. The experimental data
show that the microscopic neural changes in the structure and function of the intestinal mucosal immune barrier
during the excessive martial arts training and its mechanism can save time by about 15% and improve the
accuracy by about 20%, and can clearly understand the intestinal mucosal immune barrier. Structural and
functional micro-neural changes and their mechanisms.