Scanning Electron Microscope Observation and Analysis of Athletes' Hair in Martial Arts

  • Guanghui Xu
Keywords: Scanning Electron Microscope, Analysis Field, Test Accuracy, Data Accuracy


The scanning electron microscope uses a very focused electron beam as the illumination source, irradiates the
sample surface in a raster scanning manner, and uses the information generated by the interaction of the incident
electrons and the sample to perform imaging. The scanning electron microscope is used to analyze the particles
collected on the microporous filter membrane. Not only the surface morphology of small objects can be
observed, but also the particle size and number of particles can be measured and counted with the energy
spectrometer. The test accuracy is high. Therefore, it has an irreplaceable role in the field of small object
analysis. The purpose of this article is to study the scanning electron microscope to observe the hair of similar
and similar parts in China's outstanding martial arts athletes. The experimental data shows that the data obtained
by scanning microscope is about 50% more accurate than ordinary microscope data, and the time spent is about
1s. Therefore, the scanning electron microscope has high magnification, clear observation images, can realize
intelligent operation without being affected by human factors, high test accuracy, and can be used in conjunction
with many hardware and software with powerful functions. Therefore, compared to optical microscopes or other
tool microscopes, the use of scanning electron microscopes to analyze small objects has a clear advantage.
There is a significant difference in the shape and arrangement of hair skins in different parts of the same
individual. There are some differences in hair skins in the same part of hair and in different segments of the
same hair of the same individual.