Microscopic Studies of Inclusions in Minerals and Their Applications in Geological Studies

  • Hao Chen
Keywords: Fluid Inclusion, Geological Study, Microscope Application, Opaque Mineral


The data published in recent years show that the study of inclusions in minerals plays an important role in
determining the properties of diagenetic and metallogenic media, physical and chemical conditions and the
genetic types of ore deposits. Therefore, the development of specialized research methods is very fast, such as
the micro-hot platform of the homogenization method to measure temperature, micro-cold platform of the
measurement of salinity. The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of inclusions in geological studies by
microscopic study of inclusions in minerals. Based on see, on the basis of a large number of literature, this paper
discusses the microscope in geologic application status and prospects of both at home and abroad, introduces the
work principle and the microscope equipment and sample preparation method, and mainly discusses the current
microscope used in the internal characteristics of opaque minerals, fluid inclusions and so on research
achievements, in the process of the sample observation of inclusions uniform temperature change, found that the
salinity under temperature change always stay at 6%, and pointed out the geological problems existing in the
application of microscope and solutions.