Clinical Research Based on Microscopy in Brainstem Tumor Treatment

  • Nan Chi
Keywords: Research in Microscopy, Brainstem Tumor, Surgical Treatment, Clinical Research


Due to the poor tolerance of the brainstem to injury and the high risk of surgery, there may be important
neurological dysfunction in any part of the brainstem. How to improve the success rate and prognosis of
microsurgery remains to be further explored. The purpose of this article is to observe and analyze the application
of micro-instruments in brain stem tumor treatment surgery, analyze the actual role of micro-instruments in
clinical practice, and to compare the before and after micro-instruments in brain stem tumor surgery, The
Clinical Path of Microdevices in Brain Stem Tumor Therapy. Using the method in this article, through the
analysis of experimental data, we understand the role of microscopy equipment in the treatment of brainstem
tumors, and found that different parts of brainstem space occupying lesions have different characteristics.
Different surgical approaches should be adopted, and the application of microscopic instruments is closely
related. The research results show that the application of micro-instruments in the treatment of brain stem
tumors has a great effect on improving the surgical treatment of brain stem tumors.