Hidden Small Damage Identification Method of Engineering Structures Based on Pre-Damaged Additional Components

  • Xiaozhong Zhang, Guomin Sun
Keywords: Hidden minor damage, Pre-damaged additional components, Damage identification, Main component


In this paper, a method of identifying hidden minor damage of engineering structures by using pre-damaged additional components is proposed. Additional components with pre-damage are added to the main component, and the damage of the main component is identified by analyzing the vibration response of the additional components with pre-damage. The main advantages of this method are as follows: firstly, this method can adjust its sensitivity to small damage identification by adjusting sensitive parameters; secondly, this method has strong anti-jamming ability and good robustness; finally, this method integrates the advantages of local damage identification technology and overall damage identification technology, has high recognition accuracy, and can be used in practical projects. Convenient application. Therefore, the research of this subject has important scientific significance and engineering application value.