Application of Electron Microscope in the Unconstrained Compressive Strength and Fractal Dimension of the Calcareous Sand with Curing Agent

  • Shuai Yang, Wenbai Liu
Keywords: Calcareous Sand, Curing Agent, Unconfined Compressive Strength, Scanning Electron Microscope, Fractal Dimension


The calcareous sand from an island of the South China Sea is solidified by curing agent, and the unconfined compressive strength is measured by the unconfined compressive strength test. The microscopic images of calcareous sand are gained by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The image is dealt with by Image-Pro Plus (IPP), and the fractal dimension is computed which includes particle size fractal dimension Dps, particle surface fractal dimension Dpr and aperture fractal dimension Dbs. The connection between unconfined compressive strength and fractal dimension is to be done. The research indicates that the curing agent can improve the compressive strength of the calcareous sand, that is to say, adding the curing agent can effectively improve the properties of soil. The unconfined compressive strength has a linear relation with the fractal dimensions. Compared with the other two fractal dimensions, the function of the particle surface fractal dimension Dpr on the compressive strength is greater.