Distribution Network Reconfiguration Based on Microscope and Wind-Solar Relevant Integer Particle Swarm Optimization

  • Sun Bosheng, Zhang Jiajia, Ge Jingping
Keywords: Distribution Network Reconstruction; The Correlation of the Landscape; Loop Coding Strategy; Integer Particle Swarm Algorithm; Virtual Microscope Technology


In this paper, in order to minimize the expected value of active power loss in distribution network, a reconfiguration model of distribution network is established on the basis of fully considering the correlation and uncertainty of wind and light. Node lines of distribution network are coded, and loops are repaired by analyzing the judgement of invalid solutions of branch group vectors. This paper takes the improved IEEE-33 bus distribution system as an example, and reconstructs the distribution network with wind power supply through the integer particle swarm optimization (IPSO) algorithm. The fine modeling of electron microscopy is carried out by using three-dimensional modeling software, and the key problems involved, such as model optimization and material fabrication, are discussed. On this basis, the virtual reality engine is used to design and implement the operation process simulation of the electronic microscope. Using this simulation system, users can intuitively and interactively understand the complex structure of the electron microscope in the virtual environment, and experience the operation process of the electron microscope. The simulation results show that the proposed reconfiguration model based on wind-solar correlation and uncertainty can effectively solve the problem of wind-solar distribution network reconfiguration. The global optimization ability of the algorithm is improved by improving the particle swarm optimization algorithm. The expected value of active power loss and the economy and security of the system are improved after the reconfiguration of the IEEE-33 bus distribution system.