Modeling and Simulation Analysis of RF Passive Devices Based on Microscope Technology and New Microwave Circuits Based on Adjustable Devices

  • Chunqin Xia
Keywords: Adjustable Devices; New microwave Circuits; Passive Devices; Microscopic Techniques


With the improvement of living standards and the need of military development, multi-band reconfigurable microwave devices have a broader demand. Reconfigurable coupler is an important part of modern wireless communication system. It has been widely used in various systems, such as feed network of antenna array, power distribution/combination network and balanced mixer. Some approximate empirical formulas can be used for passive components in RF and microwave monolithic integrated circuits at low frequencies, but full-wave numerical simulation of electromagnetic field must be carried out with the increase of frequencies. It is therefore necessary to establish a model of the relationship between the physical and structural parameters of these passive components and the electromagnetic properties. However, the traditional design and analysis methods based on weak nonlinearity are no longer suitable for strong nonlinear microwave circuits. Therefore, it is urgent to open up a new theory to solve this problem. The method of neural network technology assisted microwave circuit modeling is an effective method to choose from. In the case of analyzing the high-order elliptic function filter model, the suppression is not high. A parallel resonant low-pass filter model with additional transmission zeros is proposed, and a high-pass filter model with different dielectric constant dielectric layers is established. On the basis of previous research work, a "trial method" based on virtual microscope technology is proposed to solve the Z-direction high-precision positioning problem of micromanipulation tools in virtual environment. In view of its three key points - determining reasonable ambiguity criterion, noise processing and locating position, theoretical analysis and experimental verification are carried out, which proves that the method is feasible.