Optimum Study on Composite Soft Foundation of Highway Cement Mixing Pile Based on Microscope Technology

  • Junhui Luo, Xianlin Liu, Decai Mi et al.
Keywords: PDSS; Cement Mixing Pile; Soft Soil Roadbed; Prediction; Microscopic Techniques


Cement mixing pile is a common way to treat soft soil roadbed of expressway. The consolidation settlement of soft soil roadbed of expressway can be accelerated by using surcharge preloading method. The consolidation of cement mixing pile foundation of highway can be simplified as plane strain and space seepage. In order to study and predict the application of cement mixing piles in soft soil foundation treatment, PDSS method (Plane Deformation, Spatial Seepage) is used to simulate and predict the application of cement mixing piles in soft soil foundation treatment. In this paper, we mainly focus on the research of micro-image mosaic technology in automatic microscopy system, aiming at mosaic the collected micro-images from local vision into a complete image of the global reaction target. The core of image mosaic in automatic microscope system is matching and fusion technology. Aiming at the matching problem in micro image mosaic, the 0, 1 template and gray scale template are studied and analyzed. A matching algorithm based on the ratio template of analogous field character is proposed. This method is an improved gray scale template matching algorithm. It takes the ratio of four rectangular edges and two diagonal lines as the characteristics of the template, and realizes image matching by combining the pyramid idea. The results show that PDSS is suitable for the consolidation settlement of cement mixing pile foundation. The PDSS settlement curve has a high consistency with the measured settlement curve. The overall fit of the curve is high. The error is only 0.05mm when loading for 201 days. The measured values in less than 29 days and more than 200 days are basically the same as the PDSS solution, showing excellent predictive effects. Predictions indicate that the subgrade will not substantially settle after 60 days. This research has a certain guiding role for the foundation of cement mixing piles.