Influence of Distribution Width on Early-Age Hydration and Setting Behaviors of Calcium Aluminate Cement at 20 C

  • Qingfeng Wang, Chuanyin Zhang, Guihua Liao, Xiaoyu Wang
Keywords: Calcium aluminate cement, Early-age hydration, Setting behavior, Particle size distribution, Distribution width


In this work, the commercial calcium aluminate cement with about 70% Al2O3 was ground for different times in a laboratory-grinding mill. The particle size distributions of cement powders were characterized by laser diffraction analysis. The exothermic evolutions of pastes were monitored by semi-adiabatic calorimetry. The conductivity changes of cement suspensions were characterized by electrical measurements. The hydrates of pastes were studied with X-ray diffraction method. And the microstructures of hydrated pastes were observed by using scanning electron microscope technique. The results revealed that the influence of the fineness of cement on the cement hydration was inconsistent. Conversely, the distribution width of the cement powders played the important role on the hydration and setting behaviors of calcium aluminate cement at 20°C.